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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Audiobooks Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import MP3 audiobooks into iTunes?

The following instructions apply to iTunes 6:

1. Insert the MP3-CD into your computer and wait until it mounts in My Computer (for Windows) or to your Desktop (Macs).

2. Open the CD in Windows Explorer or Finder and locate the "playlist.m3u" file. Double-click it to open it with iTunes. (If iTunes doesn't come up to the front, manually bring it to the front.)

3. The CD will probably begin playing while iTunes begins importing the files from the playlist, so click the Pause button to stop the playback.

4. Wait until iTunes finishes importing the files from the MP3-CD. When it finishes importing the tracks, iTunes may begin analyzing the sound volume on the tracks. Wait until that finishes, too.

5. Type the title of the audiobook into the iTunes search field.

6. Select all the audiobook tracks.

7. From the Advanced menu, choose "Convert Selection to AAC." (This enables you save a considerable amount of disk space.)

8. When conversion finishes, you will have duplicate tracks from the audiobook. Click the "Kind" column heading to sort by file type. (This makes it easy to select all the MP3 files.)

9. Hit the Delete key to remove them from your iTunes Library. Click the "Move to Trash" button in the dialogue box that appears. (This enables you to recover the disk space.)

10. Select all of your audiobook tracks (which are now in AAC format).

11. From the File menu, choose "Get Info" (or press Command-I) to open the "Multiple Song Information" window. Enter the information, (Title, Author, etc) and click the OK button.

12. Now select the first track. From the File menu choose "Get Info." You will then see the individual track info window. When entering the information, be sure to add a leading zero to the track if the total number of tracks is more than one digit (ex. 02/20), or they will not sort correctly when sorted by name.) You'll also want to change the track number for each chapter.

13. Switch to the Options panel. Check both "Remember playback position" and "Skip when shuffling" boxes. Click Next.

14. Continue to repeat these last two steps on each track until you've worked through the entire audiobook.


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