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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Author: Darrien Lee

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Denim Diaries 1

Author: Darrien Lee

Reader: Marsha-Ann Hay

Format: 4 CDs (Unabridged)

This story explores the lives of sixteen-year-olds Denim Mitchell and Andre Patterson, who have shared an intense bond ever since they were kids. Denim yearns to date Andre, known by his friends as Dre. However, Denim's parents are doing everything in their power to keep the heat of the passion between the two teens under wraps.Dre, a rising basketball star and budding artist, has a glorious future ahead of him. Unfortunately, rumor has it that he's involved in activities that could ruin his chances of ever hooking up with Denim or achieving his dreams of going to college and the NBA. Denim realizes her relationship with Dre could be shattered if her parents find out that she violated their trust. One

Item #: M8B892 ISBN: 9781538528921

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Our Price: $29.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $19.95

Double Crossed

Author: Darrien Lee

Reader: Ida Belle

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

Coach Damon Kilpatrick believes that he has finally found Ms. Right in sexy corporate executive Nichole Adams, that is until he realizes that she is already in a relationship.Nichole Adams has been involved with police officer Deacon Milesfor two years. When he's shot in the line of duty, she leans on her friend Damon for support. She arrives at the hospital only to discover that Deacon, the man she planned to marry, already has a wife. Unable to deal with his lies and betrayal, Nichole leaves him, but Deacon can't accept it. Obsessed with Nichole, he will do anything to keep her, even threaten those she loves. Can Nichole and Damon band together with Deacon's angry wife to stop him?

Item #: M9B0450 ISBN: 9781538530450

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Our Price: $34.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $29.95

Talk To The Hand

Author: Darrien Lee

Reader: Sheva Thomas

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: M8B279 ISBN: 9781538532799

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Our Price: $34.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Abridged $29.95

Unspoken Lies

Author: Darrien Lee

Reader: Ellis Park

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

With demanding careers and two children, Cherise and Mason McKenzie find themselves spending more time apart than together, which allows infidelity with a trusted loved one to darken their doorstep. It is only through a series of near tragic events that the couple are able to rebuild their lives and rekindle their love.

Item #: M7B7091 ISBN: 9781538537091

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Our Price: $29.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $29.95

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