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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Author: Ira Levin

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The Boys from Brazil

Author: Ira Levin

Reader: Simon Prebble

Format: 7 CDs (Unabridged)

Some mad schemes will never die. The plot was hatched in Brazil, following the end of WWII. The survival of the Aryan race lies in 94 boys, all 14 years old, all identical twins. The most wanted Nazi, Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, isbehind this plan. Bent on stopping him is Nazi hunter Yakov Liebermann. "His plots work like intricate timepieces."—Stephen King

Item #: N7B814 ISBN: 9781483018140

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Author: Ira Levin

Reader: Soneela Nankani

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

A lovely, successful book editor moves into a posh Manhattan high-rise. A man watches her. He owns the building, and a shocking secret is concealed within its brick and concrete.

Item #: M6B816 ISBN: 9781483018164

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Son of Rosemary

Author: Ira Levin

Reader: Nicole Poole

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

Thirty-three years ago, Rosemary gave birth to the devil's child while under the control of a satanic cult. Now humanity is in desperate need of a savior for this troubled world. But is Rosemary's son Andy the force of good his followers believe him to be? Or is he his father's son? The sequel to Rosemary's Baby.

Item #: M9B8188 ISBN: 9781483018188

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This Perfect Day

Author: Ira Levin

Reader: Kevin T. Collins

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

In the future, all humanity has been eugenically merged into one race and the world is ruled by a central computer programmed to keep every single human in check. Considered one of the great dystopian novels, alongside Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange.

Item #: B8B820 ISBN: 9781483018201

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