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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Reader: Alyssa Bresnahan

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The 49th Mystic

Author: Ted Dekker

Reader: Alyssa Bresnahan

Format: 15 CDs (Unabridged)

A blind girl in Utah is about to solve the great mystery of how one can live in two worlds at once. After a procedure meant to restore her sight, Rachel begins to dream of another world so real that she wonders if Earth might only be a dream experienced when she falls asleep in that reality.

Item #: A9M441 ISBN: 9781501994418

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Our Price: $44.99

The Butterfly Girl

Author: Rene Denfeld

Reader: Alyssa Bresnahan

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: A9B7441 ISBN: 9781982687441

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Our Price: $29.99
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MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $39.99

The Child Finder

Author: Rene Denfeld

Reader: Alyssa Bresnahan

Format: 7 CDs (Unabridged)

Three years ago, Madison Culver disappeared. She would be eight years old now – if she has survived. Desperate to find their beloved daughter, the Culvers turn to Naomi, a P.I. known as "the Child Finder" for her uncanny talent for locating the lost and missing. As Naomi slowly uncovers the truth behind Madison's disappearance, shards of a dark dream remind her of a terrible loss she feels but cannot remember. If she finds Madison, will Naomi ultimately unlock the secrets of her own life?

Item #: A7H093 ISBN: 9780062850935

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Our Price: $19.99

Lying with Strangers

Author: James Grippando

Reader: Alyssa Bresnahan

Format: 11 CDs (Unabridged)

A driven medical student finds she has a faceless enemy who seems to know her every move. But no one believes her. She must turn her considerable determination to catching a killer – before he catches her. A stand-alone thriller. "Enough suspense to keep [listeners] looking in dark corners and over their shoulders."—Booklist

Item #: N9H640 ISBN: 9780061256400

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Our Price: $39.95

Rise of the Mystics

Author: Ted Dekker

Reader: Alyssa Bresnahan

Format: 13 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: L9M797 ISBN: 9781980007975

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Our Price: $34.99

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