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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Reader: Brian Nishii

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Alita: Battle Angel Prequel

Author: Pat Cadigan

Reader: Brian Nishii

Format: 7 CDs (Unabridged)

The official prequel novel to the highly anticipated science fiction film Alita: Battle Angel, based on Yukito Kishiro's manga.

Item #: B8B419 ISBN: 9781538534199

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Our Price: $27.96
List Price: $34.95
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Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $29.95

The Great Passage

Author: Shion Miura

Reader: Brian Nishii

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Inspired as a boy by the multiple meanings to be found for a single word in the dictionary, Kohei Araki is devoted to the notion that a dictionary is a boat to carry us across the sea of words. But after 37 years creating them at Gembu Books, it's time for him to retire and find his replacement. He discovers a kindred spirit in Mitsuya Majime, a disheveled square peg with a background in linguistics. Led by his new mentor, Majime discovers friendship, romance, and inspiration by the bond that connects us all <]#150> words.

Item #: M5N185 ISBN: 9781536631852

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Our Price: $14.99


Author: Eiji Yoshikawa

Reader: Brian Nishii

Format: 47 CDs (Unabridged)

Miyamoto Musashi becomes a reluctant hero to a host of people whose lives he has touched and been touched by. And, inevitably, he must pit his skill against the naked blade of his greatest rival.

Item #: M9B9878X ISBN: 9781538589878

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Our Price: $74.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (4) Unabridged $69.95

A River in Darkness

Author: Masaji Ishikawa

Reader: Brian Nishii

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

Half-Korean, half-Japanese, Masaji Ishikawa has spent his whole life feeling like a man without a country. This feeling deepened when his family moved from Japan to North Korea when Ishikawa was just 13-years-old and unwittingly became members of the lowest social caste. Ishikawa recounts his tumultuous upbringing and the brutal thirty-six years he spent living under a crushing totalitarian regime, as well as the challenges he faced repatriating to Japan after barely escaping North Korea with his life.

Item #: E5N274 ISBN: 9781543602746

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Our Price: $24.99

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