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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Reader: Neil Shah

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Author: Arion Golmakani

Reader: Neil Shah

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

Solacers tells the touching story of a boy's search for family life and safety following the divorce of his parents in Iran during the 1960's. The first child of a heartless father and a discarded mother is left to fend for himself on the streets of Mashhad, seeking food and shelter wherever he can. His lonely early years are an unbelievable tale of cruelty and betrayal on the part of nearly everyone who might be expected to help, save for one aunt who does her best to keephim from starving. But living a harsh and solitairy existence has one advantage for this little boy; other than forcing him to be self-reliant, no one attempts to indoctrinate him on rural Iranian society's archaic cultural values.

Item #: E9M9940 ISBN: 9781515919940

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State of the Heart

Author: Haider Warraich

Reader: Neil Shah

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: E8B3580X ISBN: 9781721383580

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The Test

Author: Sylvain Neuvel

Reader: Neil Shah

Format: 2 CDs (Unabridged)

In this wonderful, dark novella, an immigration test is taken to extreme levels to prove just how loyal a prospective citizen is to their new country.

Item #: B3B784 ISBN: 9781982527846

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