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Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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 Page 4 of 67, items 61 to 80 of 1334.

Barefoot Tribe

Author/Reader: Palmer Chinchen

Palmer Chinchen

Format: 4 CDs (Unabridged)

With inspiration from the sharing and generosity of tribal children he witnessed while growing up in Africa, the author urges us to give our lives away to discover God's unique purpose for us. Dare to remake the world into one more like what Jesus had in mind.

Item #: L4X646 ISBN: 9781613756461

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Our Price: $19.99

Basic Buddhism

Author/Reader: Robert Thurman

Robert Thurman

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: L7N014 ISBN: 9781491510148

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Our Price: $19.99
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $14.99

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary

Author: Gary D. Pratico, Miles V. Van Pelt

Reader: Jonathan T. Pennington

Format: 1 CD (Unabridged)

Item #: L1N1236 ISBN: 9781491521236

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Our Price: $9.99

The Basket of Flowers

Author: Unknown, translated by J.H. St. A.

Reader: Marguerite Gavin

Format: 4 CDs (Unabridged)

Accused of a crime she did not commit, young Mary insists on her innocence, but she and her father are convicted. The two continue to worship Jesus throughout their sentence. Little is known of the origins of this classic religious tale, originally written in French, except for the initials of its translator.

Item #: L4B132 ISBN: 9781470891329

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Our Price: $24.95

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Author: Joyce Meyer

Reader: Jodi Carlisle

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

Meyer masterfully illustrates how three of the greatest men of the Bible--Jehosaphat, Gideon, and Elijah--came through their own time of crisis with victory by allowing God to fight their battles for them.

Item #: L5W364 ISBN: 9781478903642

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Our Price: $18.00
Also available in these formats:
Playaway (1) Unabridged $54.99

The Battle for God

Author/Reader: Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong

Format: 5 CDs (Abridged)

An illuminating chronicle of the "fundamentalist" forms of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and the forces of modernism that have, paradoxically, brought them into existence. The author of the bestselling A History of God traces thehistory of these movements, and suggests compassion as a way to defuse what is now an intensifying conflict within mainstream society. "Splendid."—Booklist

Item #: L5H287 ISBN: 9780060591878

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Our Price: $29.95

A Battle for the Soul of Islam

Author: M. Zuhdi Jasser

Reader: Michael Prichard

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

A nationally recognized expert on Muslim radicalization provides a definitive analysis of the difference between Islam and Islamism, and how violence and extremism run counter to Islam's true teachings.

Item #: L9M879 ISBN: 9781452608792

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Our Price: $34.99
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $29.99

The Battlefield of the Mind

Author: Joyce Meyer

Reader: Pat Lentz, with an introduction read by the author

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Stop the jangle of negative thinking with this clear-cut plan to triumph in the fight for your mind. The author of The Battle Belongs to the Lord shows how to renew your mind through God's Word, how to find peace, see the truth by thinking correctly, use spiritual weapons effectively, and overcome the ten wilderness mentalities that hold you in harmful circumstances.

Item #: L4W534 ISBN: 9781586215347

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Our Price: $29.98

Be A Better Dad Today

Author: Gregory Slayton

Reader: Sean Runnette

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: L7X590 ISBN: 9781610455909

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Our Price: $24.98

Be a Circle Maker

Author: Mark Batterson

Reader: Van Tracy

Format: 1 CD (Unabridged)

Pastor Mark Batterson shares powerful insights from the true legend of Honi the Circle Maker, a believer who prayed miracles would happen to the people of God – and then they fell from the heavens like rain. Honi and Mark Batterson will help you bring your God-given dreams into being through bold, tenacious prayers that honor God and make the impossible come true.

Item #: L1N857 ISBN: 9781480568570

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Our Price: $14.99

Be a People Person

Author: John C. Maxwell

Reader: Lloyd James

Format: Playaway (Unabridged)

Being a leader means working with people, and that's not always easy! Whether in your office, church, neighborhood, or elsewhere, your interpersonal relationships can make or break you as a leader. That's why it's so important to be a ""people person"" and develop your skills in tapping that most precious of all resources: people

Item #: LP6045 ISBN: 9781467676045

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Our Price: $54.99

Be Careful What You Pray For

Author/Reader: Larry Dossey, M.D.

Larry Dossey, M.D.

Format: 2 Cassettes (Abridged)

*Explore prayer's disturbing potential for harm with the physician who wrote the bestselling Healing Words. He reveals what can and does happen when people use prayer – intentionally or unconsciously – for negative and destructive means. "Penetrating insight and meticulous research... will forever change how you think and what you pray for."—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

Item #: L2H8715 ISBN: 9780694518715

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Be Grateful to Everyone

Author/Reader: Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron

Format: 7 CDs (Unabridged)

The best way to bring meditation off the cushion and into everyday life is to practice "lojong," or mind training. In this program, Chodron presents her definitive teachings on the 59 mind-training slogans that comprise the practice, showing how to apply them on the spot in our daily lives and living with them in all of life's situations.

Item #: L7R249 ISBN: 9781611802498

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Our Price: $34.95

Be the Message

Author/Reader: Kerry Shook, Chris Shook

Kerry Shook, Chris Shook

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

The gospel is not what you say. It's about who you are and what you do, and how you can be God's hands and feet in the world. What would happen if we talked about God less and walked with God more?

Item #: L6R077 ISBN: 9780804190770

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Our Price: $30.00

Bearing False Witness

Author: Rodney Stark

Reader: Paul Boehmer

Format: 7 CDs (Unabridged)

Rodney Stark, one of the most highly regarded sociologists of religion and the bestselling author of The Rise of Christianity, argues that some of our most firmly held ideas about history, ideas that paint the Catholic Church in the least positive light are, in fact, fiction. Why have we held these wrongheaded ideas so strongly and for so long? And if our beliefs are wrong, what, in fact, is the truth? In each chapter, Stark takes on a well-established anti-Catholic myth, gives a fascinating history of how each myth became the conventional wisdom, and presents a startling picture of the real truth.

Item #: L4M019 ISBN: 9781515910190

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Our Price: $29.99
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $19.99

Beautiful Defeat

Author: Kevin Malarkey, Matt Jacobson

Reader: Chris Ciulla

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: L8N192 ISBN: 9781491521922

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Our Price: $19.99
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $14.99

Beautiful Outlaw

Author/Reader: John Eldredge

John Eldredge

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: L6W242 ISBN: 9781619692428

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Our Price: $14.98

The Beauty of Broken

Author/Reader: Elisa Morgan

Elisa Morgan

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: L8N560 ISBN: 9781480545601

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Our Price: $19.99
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $14.99

Because of Bethlehem

Author: Max Lucado

Reader: Ben Holland

Format: 4 CDs (Unabridged)

Max Lucado loves Christmas. Let the sleigh bells ring. Let the carolers sing. The more Santas the merrier. The more trees the better. He loves it because somewhere someone will ask the Christmas questions: What's the big deal about the baby in the manger? Who was he? What does his birth have to do with me? And the answers he's found give us all hope.

Item #: L6N1653 ISBN: 9781531831653

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Our Price: $19.99
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CDs (1) Unabridged $12.99

Become a Better You

Author/Reader: Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

Format: 5 CDs (Abridged)

America's pastor (Your Best Life Now) guides and encourages you to look within yourself for your authentic soul. He helps you conduct an examination within so you can uncover the core of who you really are. As beatific and inspiring as he is in person, he weaves in Biblical lessons and personal stories that both educate and enlighten. "Inspiring... His accessible words and warm, caring voice will help listeners resist the temptation to be complacent."—AudioFile

Item #: L5P942 ISBN: 9780743569422

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Our Price: $29.95

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