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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Janet Evanovich

Trenton, New Jersey, otherwise known as The Burg. It's a great place to visit, especially if your tour guide is Janet Evanovich’s bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. Although Janet started out writing romance novels, she eventually morphed into the mystery writer we know today, after researching the genre – “drinking beer with law enforcement types, learning to shoot, practicing cussing,” as she explains on her website. She insists that Steph is not a mirror image of herself, “but I will admit to knowing where she lives.”

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Notorious Nineteen

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum pursues a con man facing trial for embezzling millions from Trenton's premier assisted-living facility. To help Stephanie out, Grandma Mazur goes undercover in...
ITEM#: N5R184  ISBN: 9780804191845
Our Price: $14.99
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Wicked Appetite

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
First in a new spin-off from the Stephanie Plum series, starring Diesel, the man with unexplained powers and more than his share of charm. "A romp that careens wildly between impossibly silly and...
ITEM#: N7U045  ISBN: 9781427210456
Our Price: $34.99
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Sizzling Sixteen

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
Uh-oh! Some lowlife wants Vinnie dead, and Stephanie's trying to find out who – even as she chases a dangerous bail skipper who thinks he'll never be missed. But he underestimates Steph at his peril....
ITEM#: N7U967  ISBN: 9781427209672
Our Price: $32.99
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Lean Mean Thirteen

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
New secrets, old flames, and hidden agendas send Stephanie Plum on another outrageous adventure. Is her cheating ex up to something shady? Ranger thinks so, and asks her to check up on old Dickie....
ITEM#: N7U118  ISBN: 9781427201188
Our Price: $39.99
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Ten Big Ones

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
High adventure and sly comedy in The Burg, for New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's 10th outing. This time, a notorious gang wants her dead. Morelli warns her she's in too deep, and Ranger is...
ITEM#: N7U784  ISBN: 9781559277846
Our Price: $34.95
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Between the Plums

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
Stephanie Plum, our favorite New Jersey bounty hunter, stars in the first three "between the numbers" books, all holiday-themed, and all romantic, dangerous, and fun. Includes Visions of Sugar Plums,...
ITEM#: N9U779  ISBN: 9781427207791
Our Price: $39.99
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Motor Mouth

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
"Barney" Barnaby (Metro Girl) has an uncanny knack for danger. She's mixing it up with irresistibly hot race car driver Sam – and battling a new set of bad guys, along with Florida heat, sexual...
ITEM#: M7H558  ISBN: 9780060825584
Our Price: $39.95

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