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Mark Twain Audio Books

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain, is the quintessential American writer and humorist, known for his irreverence and biting social satire. His Mississippi boyhood, travels abroad, riverboat pilot work, and journalistic days in the West inspired sardonic classics that serve as a strong challenge to humankind to be better, "as against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand."

Born on November 30, 1835, in Florida, Missouri, Twain moved with his family at the age of four to Hannibal, Missouri, a quaint, picturesque port on the Mississippi that became the basis for the fictionalized setting of Twain's two great American classics, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

We're proud to say that Twain was once a resident of  California Gold Country (home to our Audio Editions offices and warehouse). He was a complete unknown when he took as job writing for the San Francisco Call and eventually became the most famous celebrity of the gold rush era when the publication of a fanciful story about a frog jumping contest in nearby Calaveras County thrust him into the national spotlight.

Mark Twain Audio Books

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Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
This eagerly awaited second volume uncovers the many roles Twain played in his private and public worlds. He shares his views on writing and speaking, his preoccupation with money, and his contempt...
ITEM#: E9B8396  ISBN: 9781482928396
Our Price: $34.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CD (2) Unabridged $44.95
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Mark Twain's Helpful Hints for Good Living

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
Irreverent and charming, this eccentric etiquette guide for the human race contains Twain's opinions on dress, health, food, child rearing, how to deal with annoying salesmen and burglars, and more....
ITEM#: E4B354  ISBN: 9781455153541
Our Price: $24.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CD (1) Unabridged $19.95
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
Revel in a rambunctious tale of childhood beloved by generations. In this delightful tale of Tom Sawyer's adventures, Tom and Huck Finn Thatcher begin by playing pranks, but their sense of adventure...
ITEM#: F7B032  ISBN: 9781433210327
Our Price: $19.95
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Following the Equator

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
Bound on a lecture trip around the world, Mark Twain turns his keen satiric eye to foreign lands in Following the Equator, an evocative and highly unique American portrait of nineteenth-century...
ITEM#: F9B451  ISBN: 9781470824518
Our Price: $39.95
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Life on the Mississippi

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
A brilliant amalgam of remembrance and reportage, by turns satiric, celebratory, nostalgic, and melancholy. This classic evokes the great river that Mark Twain knew as a boy and young man and the one...
ITEM#: F7B473  ISBN: 9781441764737
Our Price: $24.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CD (1) Unabridged $29.95
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A Tramp Abroad

Format: CDS [Unabridged]
In 1878 Mark Twain sailed to Europe, hoping to find a peaceful corner in which to write the books that filled his head. Instead, he found himself taking a slow walking tour of the Continent, and...
ITEM#: E9B4750  ISBN: 9781441774750
Our Price: $32.95
Also available in these formats:
MP3-CD (1) Unabridged $29.95

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