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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Golden Prey
John Sandford
N9R496 (U) 9 CD

Dangerous Minds
Janet Evanovich
A6R491 (U) 6 CD

The Black Book
James Patterson, 
with David Ellis
A9W848 (U) 9 CD

Woman of God
James Patterson, 
Maxine Paetro
A8W812 (U) 8 CD

Barely Legal
Stuart Woods, 
with Parnell Hall
A6R495 (U) 6 CD

Full Wolf Moon
Lincoln Child
A6R492 (U) 6 CD

Don't Let Go
Harlan Coben
N7N771 (U) 7 CD

A Legacy of Spies
John le Carre

A7R494 (U) 7 CD

Use of Force
Brad Thor

A9P302 (U) 10 CD


The Green Mile
Stephen King

A9P703 (U) 12 CD

Dragon Teeth
Michael Crichton

A7H092 (U) 6 CD

Since We Fell
Dennis Lehane

N9H090 (U) 10 CD

One Last Breath
Lisa Jackson 
and Nancy Bush

A9N2317 (U) 12 CD

A Perfect 

Heather Graham

A8B542 (U) 8 CD


Midnight Promises
Sherryl Woods

M9N6890 (U) 9 CD

A Girl's Guide to 
Moving On

Debbie Macomber

M9R493 (U) 9 CD

The Tea Girl of 

Lise See

M9P147 (U) 12 CD

Come Sundown
Nora Roberts

M9B735 (U) 14 CD

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