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March is Women's History Month. Listen to the stories of women
who have made their voices heard, who have changed history,
and whose words and deeds echo eloquently through the years.

The Days
When the Birds
Come Back

Deborah Reed

M7B472 (U) 6 CD

In Praise of
Difficult Women

Karen Karbo

E9B0341Y (U) 9 CD

When Women
Ruled the World

Kara Cooney

E9B3688 (U) 8 CD
$34.95 $12.99

The Audacity of
Inez Burns

Stephen Bloom

E9B6399 (U) 12 CD


Backwards &
in Heels

Alicia Malone

E7B475 (U) 7 CD

Still I Rise

E9B5592 (U) 6 CD

Great Seconds


E6B3049 (U) 6 CD

The Source of

Toni Morrison

E9R045 (U) 13 CD


Anne Frank:
The Diary of a
Young Girl

Anne Frank

E8R785 (U) 8 CD

The Heroine's

Erin Blakemore

E7B196 (U) 4 CD

Good Night Stories
for Rebel Girls,
Books 1 & 2

Elena Favilli and
Francesca Cavallo

H5R350 (U) 6 CD

Jaclyn Friedman

E7B8259 (U) 8 CD


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