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2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Children's Book Week. Join in the celebration of the centennial theme:  Listen Now - Listen Forever.

Children's Audiobooks Ages 4-7

My Little Pony:
The Junior Novel

G.M. Berrow

H4B054 (U) 2 CD

Aesop's Fables


H3B203 (U) 3 CD

The Advenutures
of Uncle Rocky,

James Burd

H3B613 (U) 3 CD

Animal Tales
from Many Lands

Various Authors

H3B171 (O) 4 CD

Uncle Wiggly and
the Littletails

Howard Garis

H5B6345 (U) 2 CD

Children's Audiobooks Ages 8-12

Orphan Island
Laurel Snyder

H5B681 (U) 6 CD


Charlie Joe
Jackson's Guide
to Not Growing Up

Tommy Greenwald

H3N661 (U) 3 CD


The Whiz Mob and
the Grenadine Kid

Colin Meloy

H9B756 (U) 8 CD

Ten Girls
from History

Kate Dickinson

H8B5039X (U) 8 CD

It's a Doggy Dog

Tommy Greenwald

H3N394 (U) 3 CD

Young Adult Audiobooks

Day 7
Kerry Drewery

H8N198 (U) 8 CD

Ashley Poston

H9B633 (U) 9 CD

Every Hidden

Kenneth Oppel

H7N057 (U) 7 CD

The Hundredth

Emily R. King

H8N0671 (U) 9 CD

With Malice
Eileen Cook

H6N693 (U) 6 CD

More Young Adult Audiobooks

I Am Number Four:
The Lost Files:
The Legacies

Pittacus Lorre

H7B206 (U) 7 CD

Scott Westerfeld

H8B942 (U) 8 CD

The Rains
Gregg Hurwitz

H8N8529 (U) 8 CD

The Fall of
Crazy House

James Patterson,
with Gabrielle

H6W549 (U) 6 CD

Opposite of

Justin A. Reynolds

H9B9344 (U) 8 CD


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