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The Mystery of
Three Quarters

Sophie Hannah,
created by
Agatha Christie

N8B199 (U) 8 CD

Stephen Hunter

N9B8647 (U) 11 CD

Two from
the Heart

James Patterson

M5W120 (U) 5 CD

Texas Ranger
James Patterson,
Andrew Bourelle

A6W9965 (U) 6 CD


The Boy
Tami Hoag

A9B5399 (U) 14 CD

White River

John Verdon

A9B659 (U) 12 CD

A Veil of Spears
Bradley Beaulieu

B9N729 (U) 21 CD

Sherrilyn Kenyon

M9B3327 (U) 21 CD


You & Me

Susan Wiggs

M9B1979X (U) 9 CD

Zero Repeat

G.S. Prendergast

H9B642 (U) 10 CD

Hush Now,
Don't You Cry

Rhys Bowen

N9B1910 (U) 9 CD

And Then There
Were Crumbs

Eve Calder

M8B373 (U) 8 CD


The Mistake
K.L. Slater

M7B738 (U) 7 CD

My Sweet
Orange Tree

Jose Mauro
de Vasconcelos

H5B5729 (U) 4 CD

Far and Away
Fern Michaels

M8B6354 (U) 8 CD

for Everyone

John Hargrave
K7B215 (U) 7 CD


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