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Arkangel Shakespeare
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare Audio BookA stunning listening experience, featuring an extraordinary cast.
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Read Along Audio Books

Children as young as three years old will enjoy listening as they read along with their own books. Read Along audiobooks not only engage the imagination, it enables children to get an entertaining head start on their reading and listening skills.

These charming, amusing tales teach enduring lessons about determination, independence, and following your dreams. And each one makes a great gift!

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Clifford Takes a Trip

Format: CD [Unabridged]
Summer vacation means more time for Emily Elizabeth to play with Clifford. But this summer her family is going away and Clifford can't come. Or can he? Follow along as he sniffs, swims. and tiptoes...
ITEM#: H1X358  ISBN: 9780545003582
Our Price: $9.95
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Clifford the Big Red Dog

Format: CD [Unabridged]
Clifford isn't just big. He's gigantic – so big that his doghouse is bigger than the house Emily Elizabeth lives in. This young dog lover shares the amazing activities she enjoys with Clifford and...
ITEM#: H1X587  ISBN: 9780439875875
Our Price: $9.99
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Clifford the Small Red Puppy

Format: CD [Unabridged]
How did Clifford become such a big red dog? When Emily Elizabeth brings home her puppy, he's too small for everything. Then, with one simple wish, Clifford begins to grow and grow until he is too big...
ITEM#: H1X492  ISBN: 9780439924924
Our Price: $9.95
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Ella the Elegant Elephant

Format: CD [Unabridged]
Ella's counting the days until the first day of school, but not because she's eager to start. On the contrary, as the littlest elephant on Elephant Island, she's terribly nervous about the other kids...
ITEM#: H1X589  ISBN: 9780439875899
Our Price: $9.99
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Giraffes Can't Dance

Format: CD [Unabridged]
Gerald the giraffe longs to dance, but his legs are too skinny and his neck is too long. At the Jungle Dance, the other animals jeer at him. But with some sound advice from a wise cricket, Gerald...
ITEM#: H1X738  ISBN: 9780545097383
Our Price: $9.99
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Is Your Mama a Llama?

Format: CD [Unabridged]
Lloyd the llama is looking for his mama. He asks a bat, a swan, a cow, a seal, a kangaroo, "Is your mama a llama?" With rhyme and riddle, this charming story has become a favorite. Includes paperback...
ITEM#: H1X588  ISBN: 9780439875882
Our Price: $9.99

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