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About Inspector Sloan
Inspector C.D. (named Christopher Dennis but known as "Seedy") Sloan, of the Berebury Criminal Investigations Dept. in Calleshire, England, and his amiable but not very able assistant, Constable Crosby, star in a series of highly esteemed classic mysteries by Catherine Aird. The dryly witty Sloan may feel as if his job would be easier without the trying personage of his assistant, but life would certainly be less interesting. And Sloan needs all the help he can get, solving these puzzling murders in the oth

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Hole in One
Author: Catherine Aird
Reader: Bruce Montague
It's usually the greens and the ball that get the worst of a golfer's wrath – not another golfer. Murder is not par for the course. When a body is discovered in one of the bunkers at Berebury, Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby investigate a crime that is more challenging than scoring a hole in one. 20th in the series. "Well-crafted whodunit... nicely played."—Publishers Weekly
Available in: CDs (Unabridged)

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Past Tense
Author: Catherine Aird
Reader: Ric Jerrom
Detectives Sloan and Crosby find themselves assigned two rather puzzling cases. First, there's the young woman's body which has been discovered in the River Alm. And then there's the mysterious break-in at the Berebury Nursing Home. To be precise, it's Josephine Short's room at the nursing home that's been entered, although nothing seems to be missing. What could the intruder have been after? It becomes apparent to Sloan and Crosby that the two cases are connected-but who can the killer be?
Available in: CDs (Unabridged)

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His Burial Too
Author: Catherine Aird
Reader: Derek Perkins
On the hottest day in living memory, Richard Mallory Tindall, the owner of a patent firm, does not return home to Cleete village. When a man is found crushed to death, Tindall's case goes from missing person to homicide. Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan has seen all manner of ugly death, but there's something particularly gruesome about this one, and what little evidence is available doesn't bode well for a quick solution. Even the legendarily cool-headed great detective might begin to crack when a second bo
Available in: CDs (Unabridged)

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Losing Ground
Author: Catherine Aird
Reader: Ric Jerrom
The dramatic theft of an eighteenth-century painting is discovered just moments before the old manor house from which it was stolen-and is uniquely depicted in the background of the portrait-is set on fire. Making matters more grisly even is the pile of bones that is sighted in the blazing inferno moments before the roof collapses. What started as simple, if surprising, theft has quickly escalated to arson and possibly murder, and now Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby have to piece to
Available in: CDs (Unabridged)

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