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Our top-selling titles, based on unit sales as of August 21, 2019.

 Page 2 of 25, items 21 to 40 of 500.
 Page 2 of 25, items 21 to 40 of 500.


The Boy

Author: Tami Hoag

Reader: Hillary Huber

Format: 14 CDs (Unabridged)

Genevieve Gauthier's seven-year-old son, P.J., has been brutally murdered by an alleged intruder, yet Genevieve is alive and well, a witness inexplicably left behind to tell the tale. The very next day P.J.'s babysitter is reported missing, and the town is up in arms, fearing a maniac is preying on their childre. With pressure mounting from a tough, no-nonsense new sheriff, the media, and the parents of Bayou Breaux, Detectives Nick Fourcade and Annie Broussard dig deep intothe dual mysteries.

Item #: A9B5399 ISBN: 9781511375399

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Our Price: $25.99


Between You and Me

Author: Susan Wiggs

Readers: Tanya Eby and Adam Verner

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

When a driven but unhappy surgeon treats a young Amish boy injured in a farming accident, she finds herself attracted to the child's uncle. But as they struggle to reconcile their very differnt worlds and lives, they must ask themselves whether there is a future for them. And if so, where?

Item #: M9B1979X ISBN: 9780062931979

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Our Price: $19.99



Author: Linda Castillo

Reader: Kathleen McInerney

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: N8U071 ISBN: 9781250220714

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Our Price: $39.99



Author: Catherine Coulter

Readers: Renee Raudman and MacLeod Andrews

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

Chief Ty Christie of Willicott, Maryland, witnesses a murder from the deck of her cottage on Lake Massey. While dragging the lake, not only do the divers find the murder victim, they also discover dozens of bones. Working together with Chief Christie, FBI Agents Savich and Sherlock soon discover a frightening connection between the bones and and escaped psychopath who had once attempted to kidnap Savich's five-year-old son. 22nd in the FBI Thriller series.

Item #: N9B1650 ISBN: 9781511371650

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Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $24.99
You Save: $5.00 (20%)


A Stranger Is Watching

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Reader: January LaVoy

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Ronald Thompson he never killed Nina Peterson. Yet in two days he will be executed. Meanwhile, a stranger waits in the shadows, a cunning psychopath who has killed before.

Item #: N7B895 ISBN: 9781508298953

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Our Price: $34.99



Author: Laura Lippman

Reader: Susan Bennett

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

Over the course of a summer, Polly and Adam become lovers. Soon they are locked in a passionate yet uncompromising game of cat and mouse. But instead of rules, this game has dark secrets, inevitable betrayals – and cold-blooded murder.

Item #: N8B040 ISBN: 9780062870407

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Our Price: $7.99
List Price: $9.99
You Save: $2.00 (20%)


Field of Bones

Author: J.A. Jance

Reader: Hillary Huber

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

Sheriff Joanna Brady's best intentions to stay on maternity leave take a hit when a serial homicide case rocks Cochise County. Rather than staying home with her newborn, Joanna finds herself overseeing a complex investigation involving multiple jurisdictions. 18th in the series.

Item #: N9B198 ISBN: 9780062931986

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Our Price: $19.99


Something in the Water

Author/Reader: Catherine Steadman

Catherine Steadman

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

Erin and Mark seem to have it all: he's a successful banker, she's a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough. They're young, in love, and on their dream honeymoon to Bora Bora. But when, after a blissful day of scuba diving, they discover a mysterious bag filled with incalculable riches, their subsequent choices trigger a sequence of events that will change their lives – and their marriage – forever. 

Item #: N9R5078 ISBN: 9780593105078

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Our Price: $19.99



Author: David Baldacci

Readers: Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

Amos Decker is visiting his hometown of Burlington, Ohio, when he's approached by Meryl Hawkins, the first person Decker ever arrested for murder back when he was a young detective. Though a dozen years in prison have left Hawkins unrecognizably aged and terminally ill, one thing hasn't changed: He maintains he never committed the murders. Did Decker make a mistake? As he starts digging into the old case, Decker finds a startling connection to a new crime that he may be ableto prevent, if only he can put the pieces together quickly enough. Fifth in the Memory Man series.

Item #: N9W924 ISBN: 9781478999249

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Our Price: $40.00


The Oracle

Authors: Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

Reader: Scott Brick

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

Husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo return for a new adventure as they hunt for ancient treasure – that may or may not be cursed. 11th in the series.

Item #: A9R396 ISBN: 9780593103968

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Our Price: $45.00


Lethal White

Author: Robert Galbraith

Reader: Robert Glenister

Format: 19 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: A9W0848 ISBN: 9781549120848

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Our Price: $20.00


The Burial Hour

Author: Jeffery Deaver

Reader: Edoardo Ballerini

Format: 13 CDs (Unabridged)

A traveling businessman is snatched off of an Upper East Side street in broad daylight. The perp leaves a token at the site: a miniature noose. When Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs investigate, they find a similar kidnapping occurred near Naples, Italy. The search for the killer will become a complex case of international cooperation where all is not as it seems. 13th in the series.

Item #: A9W816 ISBN: 9781478988168

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Our Price: $20.00


Boombox: Sony CD/MP3-CD/Cassette/Radio Player

Format: 0 CDs (Abridged)

Full function stero sound. Playback CDs, CD-R/RW, and MP3 CDs with shuffle and program functions. Built in cassette tape deck with recording function. FM/AM tuner with 30 station resets. AC and battery power options with up to 19 hours of battery life. Programmable memory and AC power cord. Auxiliary audio input to connect select digital music players to the speaker dock (cable not included). Uses six C batteries, not included. Free shipping does not apply to this item and can not be shipped Internationally. Ships via UPS; no PO Box shipments.


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Our Price: $129.99


The Pioneers

Author: David McCullough

Reader: John Bedford Lloyd

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

The Pioneers details the settling of America's Northwest Territory by dauntless pioneers who overcame incredible hardships to build a community based on ideals that would come to define our country.

Item #: E9P908 ISBN: 9781508279082

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Our Price: $29.99


The Nickel Boys

Author: Colson Whitehead

Readers: Colson Whitehead and J.D. Jackson

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

It is the 1960s in Jim Crow-era Florida. One mistake lands Elwood Curtis into a brutal reformatory calle the Nickel Academy. He will be forced to make a decision whose repercussions will echo down through decades.

Item #: M6R137 ISBN: 9781984891372

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Our Price: $35.00


The Winemaker's Wife

Author: Kristin Harmel

Readers: Madeleine Maby, Robin Eller, and Lisa Flanagan

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

At the dawn of WWII, Ines marries into a storied champagne empire, but feels increasingly isolated; her husband is stockpiling ammunation for the resistance, and the winery's Jewish staff resent her for the safety that comes from being Catholic. Decades later, Liv Kent loses her job and her marriage, and her wealthy but aloof Grandma Edith insists Live accompnay her to France before she hits rock bottom. But Edith has an ulterior motive – a family secret to share with her granddaughter.

Item #: M8B639 ISBN: 9781508286394

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Our Price: $31.99
List Price: $39.99
You Save: $8.00 (20%)


Nothing Ventured

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Reader: George Blagden

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

Item #: M9U013 ISBN: 9781250240132

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Our Price: $39.99


Holy Ghost

Author: John Sandford

Reader: Eric Conger

Format: 8 CDs (Unabridged)

A dead body shows up in the moribund town of Pinion, Minnesota. It's only the beginning of trouble in store for the mayor and his buddy – and for Virgil Flowers. 11th in the series.

Item #: N8R433 ISBN: 9780525634331

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Our Price: $40.00


The Store

Author: James Patterson, with Richard DiLallo

Reader: Graham Halstead

Format: 5 CDs (Unabridged)

Imagine a near future of unparalleled convenience where a powerful retailer, the Store, can deliver anything to your door via drone, even anticipating your needs. Most people are fine with that, but New York writers Jacob and Megan Brandeis are going undercover to dig up the Store's secrets in a book that could change the entire American way of life – or put an end to Jacob's.

Item #: A5W602 ISBN: 9781549176029

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Our Price: $20.00



Author: Brad Thor

Reader: Armand Schultz

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

Across Europe, a secret organization has begun attacking diplomats. Back in the U.S., a foreign ally demands the identity of a covert asset. In the balance hang the ingredients for all-out war.

Item #: A9P916 ISBN: 9781508279167

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Our Price: $34.99

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