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Our top-selling titles, based on unit sales as of October 17, 2019.

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 Page 8 of 25, items 141 to 160 of 500.


Can You Forgive Her?

Author: Anthony Trollope

Reader: David Shaw-Parker

Format: 27 CDs (Unabridged)

*Alice has broken off her engagement with John Grey, her fautless fiancT, in order to marry her oportunistic cousin George.

Item #: F9B0106 ISBN: 9781094010106

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Our Price: $75.00



Author: James Joyce

Reader: John Lee

Format: 24 CDs (Unabridged)

This complex, controversial novel records the events of one Dublin day. Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom participate in and observe human activities, many base and obscene, and respond with their own emotions, thoughts, and memories. It was banned in this country until 1933. "One of the most significant and beautiful books of our time."—The Nation

Item #: F9B3312 ISBN: 9781441743312

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Our Price: $49.95


Lord Jim

Author: Joseph Conrad

Reader: Frederick Davidson

Format: 11 CDs (Unabridged)

One of the all-time great classics, this tale focuses on heroism, ego, honor, survivor's guilt, and atonement. When his pilgrim ship sinks in an Asian sea, Jim escapes to safety alone. But in the Malayan jungle, among the natives, his courage and integrity earn him the title Lord Jim.

Item #: F9B780 ISBN: 9780786157884

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Our Price: $19.95


Friends - And Then Some

Author: Debbie Macomber

Reader: Kate Rudd

Format: 4 CDs (Unabridged)

Lily Morrissey decides it's time to find a husband, preferably a wealthy one. It's a strictly practical decision, and she enlists the help of her best friend, Jake Carson, in the Great Husband Search. That's when Lily's feelings for Jake start to change. Because they're Friends.and Then Some.

Item #: M4N781 ISBN: 9781511307819

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Our Price: $9.99


The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Author: Heather Morris

Reader: Richard Armitage

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

This extraordinary novel is based on the true story of Lale Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew who survived Auschwitz. In that terrible place, Lale was given the job of tattooing the prisoners marked for survival. He used the job's freedom of movement to trade items taken from murdered Jews in exchange for food to keep others alive.

Item #: M6B470 ISBN: 9781982554705

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Our Price: $29.99


White Lace and Promises

Author: Debbie Macomber

Reader: Kate Rudd

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

Back in high school, Maggie Kingsbury and Glenn Lambert were close friends. But after that, life took them in different directions. Now they meet again-as maid of honor and best man-at a wedding in San Francisco.

Item #: M6N7789 ISBN: 9781511307789

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Our Price: $9.99


The Winemaker's Wife

Author: Kristin Harmel

Readers: Madeleine Maby, Robin Eller, and Lisa Flanagan

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

At the dawn of WWII, Ines marries into a storied champagne empire, but feels increasingly isolated; her husband is stockpiling ammunation for the resistance, and the winery's Jewish staff resent her for the safety that comes from being Catholic. Decades later, Liv Kent loses her job and her marriage, and her wealthy but aloof Grandma Edith insists Live accompnay her to France before she hits rock bottom. But Edith has an ulterior motive – a family secret to share with her granddaughter.

Item #: M8B639 ISBN: 9781508286394

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Our Price: $39.99



Author: James Patterson, with David Ellis

Readers: Kevin T. Collins and Brittany Pressley

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

A shocking new case has left FBI agent Emmy Dockery utterly baffled. The victims all appear to have died by accident, and have seemingly nothing in common. But this many deaths can't be coincidence. And the killer is somehow one step aheadof every move Dockery makes. Second in the Invisible series.

Item #: M8W730 ISBN: 9781549117305

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Our Price: $35.00


The Women

Author: T.C. Boyle

Reader: Grover Gardner

Format: 15 CDs (Unabridged)

Struggling against convention, the architect Frank Lloyd Wright never did what was expected. Told through the experiences of the four women who loved him, this fictional account celebrates his search for creativity in all its complexity and grandeur. "Rising and falling in steady rhythm, soothing even when the story unsettles and surprises, Grover Gardner's voice is a fine instrument. He delivers a stellar rendition."—Publishers Weekly

Item #: M9B063 ISBN: 9781433260636

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Our Price: $12.23
List Price: $34.95
You Save: $22.72 (65%)


The Oysterville Sewing Circle

Author: Susan Wiggs

Reader: Khristine Hvam

Format: 10 CDs (Unabridged)

At the break of dawn, Caroline Shelby rolls into Oysterville, Washington. She's come home, a place she thought she'd left forever. With her two orphaned children for whom she is now legal guardian, a role she's not sure she's ready for. But the town has changed. For solace, Caroline returns to ther favorite place: the sewing shop owned by Mrs. Lindy Bloom, where she discovers that even here are women living with the deepest secrets.

Item #: M9B2332 ISBN: 9781982662332

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Our Price: $39.99


At Sunrise

Author: Nora Roberts

Readers: Alyson Silverman and Nellie Chalfant

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

Summer Desserts: When dessert chef extraordinaire Summer is approached to revamp the kitchen at a Philadelphia hotel, she's hesitant but excited to create a perfect ending all her own. Temptation: Eden knew running a girls' camp wouldn't be easy, but she didn't expect to be run up an apple tree by the campers. She was equally surprised by whose capable arms she dropped into.

Item #: M9B2418 ISBN: 9781978622418

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Our Price: $14.99


The Wallflower Wager

Author: Tessa Dare

Reader: Mary Jane Wells

Format: 6 CDs (Unabridged)

When her imposing – and attractive – new neighbor demands Lady Penelope clear out the rescued animals, Penny sets him a challenge. She will part with her precious charges, if he can find them loving homes. He agrees. How hard can it be to find homes for a few kittens? And a two-legged dog. And a foul-mouthed parrot. And a goat, an otter, a hedgehog... Third in the Girl Meets Duke series.

Item #: M9B2813 ISBN: 9781982662813

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Our Price: $29.99


Alias Grace

Author: Margaret Atwood

Reader: Sarah Gadon

Format: 13 CDs (Unabridged)

Journey back 150 years into the mind of one of the most notorious women of the nineteenth century. Grace Marks is serving a life sentence for the vicious murders of a wealthy landowner and his mistress. Into this rich work of the imagination, Atwood brings brilliant insights into the relationships between men and women, and between the society of the entitled and those with no position. "Perhaps her strongest work to date... a stupendous performance." Booklist.

Item #: M9B3660 ISBN: 9781978603660

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Our Price: $19.99


Of Blood and Bone

Author: Nora Roberts

Reader: Julia Whelan

Format: 11 CDs (Unabridged)

Fallon Swift, approaching her 30th birthday, barely knows the world that existed before since the Doom sickened and killed billions. Vicious gangs of Raiders and fanatics called Purity Warriors search for their next victim. Those like Fallon, in possession of gifts, are hunted – and the time is coming when her true nature, her identity as The One, can no longer be hidden. Second in the Chronicles of The One series.

Item #: M9B4579 ISBN: 9781531834579

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Our Price: $24.99


The Last Queen

Author: C.W. Gortner

Reader: Marguerite Gavin

Format: 11 CDs (Unabridged)

One of history's most enigmatic women – Juana of Castile, Spain's last hereditary queen – tells the haunting, passionate story of her tumultuous life. From the fall of the Moorish Granada and the majesty of Renaissance Spain tothe courts of Flanders, France, and Tudor England, she reveals her life and secrets.

Item #: M9B575 ISBN: 9781433215759

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Our Price: $10.48
List Price: $29.95
You Save: $19.47 (65%)



Author: Wilbur Smith

Reader: Mike Grady

Format: 12 CDs (Unabridged)

Taita, the Pharaoh's adviser and hero of Desert God and River God, finds a threat to the empire he pledged his life to protect. He must use his intelligence, alchemy, and cunning to protect his Pharaoh and country.

Item #: M9H542 ISBN: 9780062695420

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Our Price: $10.00
List Price: $19.99
You Save: $9.99 (50%)



Author: Linda Howard

Reader: Tanya Eby

Format: 12 CDs (Unabridged)

When paramilitary operative Morgan Yancy is ambushed and almost killed, his higher-ups send him to an out-of-the-way West Virginia town to lie low. The town's part-time police chief, Isabeau Moran, does not need a mysterious man in her life, especially a troublemaker as enticing and secretive as Morgan.

Item #: M9H941 ISBN: 9780062659415

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Our Price: $19.99


Child's Play

Author: Danielle Steel

Reader: Dan John Miller

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

A senior partner at a prestigious New York law firm, Kate Morgan couldn't be prouder of her three grown children. Tamara, Anthony, and Claire all went to great schools, chose wonderful career paths, and would have made their father proud. A single mother for years after the death of her husband, Kate keeps a tight rein on her family, her career, and even her own emotions, never once asking herself if she truly knows her children – or if her hopes for them are the rightones, and what they want. She is about to find out.

Item #: M9M7741X ISBN: 9781980057741

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Our Price: $34.99


First Snow

Author: Nora Roberts

Readers: Cassandra Campbell and Christina Traister

Format: 12 CDs (Unabridged)

In order to respect her uncle Jolley's last wishes, Pandora McVie is stuck spending Christmas isolated in the Catskills with Michael Donahue, the co-beneficiary of her uncle's will. Jolley was a matchmaker to the end – and apparentlyfor some time beyond. The infuriating Michael is hard to live with. But what's harder still is not falling in love with her nemesis.

Item #: M9N065 ISBN: 9781543600650

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Our Price: $11.99
List Price: $14.99
You Save: $3.00 (20%)


Cottage by the Sea

Author: Debbie Macomber

Reader: Karissa Vacker

Format: 9 CDs (Unabridged)

After tragedy strikes, Annie moves in to the summer cottage where her family vacationed when she was a child. Soon she finds herself making new friends, even developing a romance with a quiet and mysterious painter. And as she becomes partof the community, Annie learns that the surest way to heal is by making a difference in the lives of those around her.

Item #: M9R5085 ISBN: 9780593105085

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Our Price: $19.99

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